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Base station controller (BSC)

Wireless mobile stations are coming into popular use in modem society. A base station subsystem (BSS) which typically includes one or more base station controllers and a plurality of base stations, provides all of the radio-related functions. In a typical cellular wireless system, an area is divided geographically into a number of cell sites, each defined by a radio frequency (RF) radiation pattern from a respective base transceiver station (BTS) antenna. The base station antennae in the cells are in turn coupled to a base station controller (BSC), which is then coupled to a telecommunications switch (e.g., mobile switching center (MSC)) or gateway that provides connectivity with a transport network such as the PSTN or the Internet. A base station controller together with its base stations comprises a base station system. The base station controller provides all the control functions and physical links between the switching system and the base stations. The base station controller is also a high-capacity switch that provides functions such as handover, cell configuration, and control of radio frequency (RF) power levels in the base stations. The base station controller is connected to a communication network infrastructure, which includes interconnected switching equipment that routes calls from one point in the network to another.

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