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DVD player

Digital video disks (DVDs) are multimedia storage media which can store a variety of digital information such as video information and audio information. Such a digital video disk can store over 2 hour's worth of an MPEG2 (Moving Picture Experts Group 2) digital image. The DVD provides means to record video and audio data at high density. The video data is recorded in the MPEG while the audio data is recorded in the linear PCM format, dolby AC-3 format, MPEG format, etc. DVD systems have become popular in recent years as home video entertainment systems. DVD systems may also be used to record, store and provide data, such as computer and computing systems, in larger quantities than have heretofore been practicable with other storage devices. A DVD player includes a disc reader mechanism for retrieving data from a digital video disc, an audio/video decoder for decoding the retrieved data and transforming the audio and video data into a desired output format and a controller for processing user commands and controlling the operation of the player. The information on a DVD formatted disc is recorded as discrete packets of data, in accordance with the applicable video and audio data compression standards, wherein designated packets carry data associated with various data streams, such as alternative video angles, audio tracks, subpicture streams and navigation information. The DVD video player reproduces still picture data/motion picture data, audio signal from the DVD, and transfers the data and signals to a home television set (hereinafter referred to as TV), whereby the TV reproduces them. A DVD player reading a DVD formatted disc may be controlled to display certain packets of data and skip over others. A digital video disk player can perform an interactive playback in which a user can communicate with the player during playback. A DVD player may be coupled to other devices, such as a display device, a video/audio recording device, audio equipment and communicate with these other devices via a data bus.

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