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Digital VCR

Video recorders are among the most popular consumer electronic devices in the marketplace. The most common type of video recorder is the video cassette recorder (VCR), which records several hours of video in analog format on a magnetic tape cassette. A video cassette recorder (VCR) is a device for recording and reproducing a video signal and an audio signal recorded on a recording medium. The VCR can reproduce the recorded video signal at a normal, low or high speed, or can stop reproducing the signal. The video cassette recorder includes a main base. A driving system is mounted on the main base and draws the tape from a cartridge to run the tape around the outer surface of the head drum according to a predetermined route. A head drum assembly is utilized for recording the video signals onto the tape and for reproducing the recorded video signals. A combination of a television (TV) receiver and a video cassette recorder (VCR) within a single enclosure provides a consumer with a useful combination of functions in a single piece of consumer electronics equipment. Using a combined TV/VCR system, a viewer can watch a television program from either a pre-recorded video cassette tape or from a broadcast or cable TV station. In a record mode, the VCR is operable for recording a television broadcast on a suitable videocassette tape. In a playback mode, the VCR is operable for transmitting a previously recorded television broadcast to a conventional television receiver where it may be played back at the convenience of the viewer. Development of a semiconductor technology has enabled digital signal processing to be applied to fields of wide-band video and audio recording and reproducing, among others. In addition, development of a recording and reproduction medium and recording and reproduction technology has enabled general home VCRs to utilize digital signal processing. Analog video cassette recorders adopt a consecutive recording method, but digital video cassette recorders adopt a non-consecutive recording method. Thus, the digital video cassette recorder displays a non-recognizable image on its screen, while image data recorded in a recording medium is searched. Digital VCRs have better picture quality and are able to record longer programs in comparison with conventional analog system VCR. A high definition digital video cassette recorder (HD-DVCR) is a system using an inner error correction code and an outer error correction code for channel coding. A digital video signal may be processed to form a bit stream having a reduced bit rate. Such processing for bit rate reduction may be implemented according to an MPEG compression method, and may be formatted with an MPEG compatible structure.

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