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Ultra Mini High Performace Proximity Sensors

Ultra Mini High Performace Proximity Sensors MEDER electronic's MK24 series Reed Sensors achieve a minimum life expectancy of 50 million operations at 5V, 5mA, 100Hz while measuring only 5mm x 1.8mm x 2.2mm. At 50 millions operations, the MK24's base reed switch, a 4mm KSK-1A04 unequivocally surpassed all other reed switches in its size class. The MK24 reed sensor is a hermetically sealed switch in a robust thermoset molded package. This tiny energy saving device requires no external power to operate, cutting down on power consumption costs making them especially well suited for low power applications while reducing space requirements. Sensitivity ranges from 1.5-10mT are available.

This miniature sensor series is perfect in applications where size is critical, while its flat contacts provide the added benefit of effortless contact orientation during PCB assembly. Available in 3 lead designs, the MK24 series are sold in Tape & Reel packaging and are suitable for pick and place automation.

Capable of switching up to 3 Watts with individual maximum ratings of 0.5 Amps and 5 Volts; the MEDER MK24 series surface mount Reed Sensors have a minimum breakdown voltage of 100VDC across the contacts. These reed sensors are RoHS compliant.


Two operate sensitivities available
Tape and Reel available
Excellent for low power operations
No external power required for sensor operation

Electronic PCBs where all components are surface mounted
Portable medical devices; insulin pumps, hearing aids, glucose testers
No power-requirement sensor for low power applications
Telecommunication applications
Hook switch in mobile and hard wired phones
Switching element in microphone

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Company name:   MEDER electronic
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Zip/postal code:   02576
Telephone number:   508-295-0771
Fax number:   508-295-0733
Contact name:   Julie Dargie [ Email ]

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