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Piezoelectric sensor

Piezoelectric sensors are used to sense movement or vibrations in many applications. A piezoelectric sensor comprises a piezoelectric crystal which is typically mechanically coupled to an object which produces a mechanical movement. In piezoelectric materials, an applied electric field results in elongations or contractions of the material. Piezoceramic actuators are therefore able to convert electric energy directly into mechanical energy and offer several advantages, such as high actuating resolution, high actuating power and very short response times, while their size is small. Piezoelectric sensors for converting slight vibrations and stress of objects under measurement into electric signals with the piezoelectric effect of their materials find applications in various fields. Piezoelectric sensors are used as transducers because a potential difference is generated when the sensor is subject to a pressure change. A detection system is electrically coupled to the piezoelectric sensor and senses, for example, that a vehicle has passed over the sensor.

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