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Measuring flow rate is an important requirement in many experimental and industrial applications. Flow meters are used for a variety of applications where it is desired to measure the flow rate or volume of a given fluid or gaseous material. There are many kinds of flowmeters which are used in the industrial world, and are mainly classified by functions and measuring principles of industrial flowmeters, and by whether or not energy generated by flowing fluids themselves is used. Liquid flow meters measure flow rate of a fluid by measuring undulation of a flexible membrane in response to passage of the fluid through a flow chamber. Liquid flow meters have application in many fields for measuring the flow of liquid through conduits. A turbine or rotor meter is a type of liquid flow meter which has a rotatable turbine wheel positioned to intercept fluid flowing through a line. The turbine wheel rotates at a speed proportional to the fluid velocity. The rotation of the turbine wheel is sensed by a pickup coil, which provides pulses to actuate an indicator. A turbine flow meter can be used to measure the flow rate of a liquid. Flow rate information can be used to derive the volume of the liquid to accomplish a volumetric meter. An air flow meter with a heat generating resistor is one of the devices which detect intake air flow rate of an internal combustion engine. An air flow meter measuring intake air flow amount of a vehicle engine uses a thermal flow sensor including a heating resistor. An ultrasonic flow meter operates by generating ultrasonic wave which propagetes through the fluid flowing through the tublar path, the velocity of the fluid flowing through the tublar path is determined on the basis of the difference between the rate of propagation of the ultrasonic wave propagates from the upstream to the downstream and that propagates from the downstream to the upstream. Ultrasonic flow meters have many advantages over other methods of determining flow rates. Ultrasonic flow meters can continuously measure the flow rate, while other methods generally measure average flow rates. In addition, ultrasonic flow meters are obstructionless and work with non-conductive fluids. A mass flow rate meter is an instrument that measures the mass of a fluid flowing through a conduit, which includes pipes and ducts, per unit time. A Coriolis mass flowmeter is a direct measurement type mass flowmeter which measures mass flow utilizing Coriolis' force generated in proportion to the mass flow of a fluid flowing in a vibrating pipe to be measured. Accordingly, it enables high precision measurement of mass flow. Peak flow meters are well known and widely used for monitoring the lung function of asthmatics.

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