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Collision sensor

Collision sensors are commonly used on vehicles for sensing an impact between an object and a vehicle of concern. A vehicle may contain automatic safety restraint actuators that are activated responsive to a vehicle crash for purposes of mitigating occupant injury. Examples of such automatic safety restraint actuators include air bags, seat belt pretensioners, and deployable knee bolster Air bags are used widely in passenger cars, light trucks and vans as auxiliary protection devices to seat belts for increased driver and occupant protection in collision situations. Air bags comprise an inflatable bag, an electrically actuated igniter and a gas generator. Each bag is folded and stored with its igniter and gas generator in vehicle locations, such as, the steering wheel pad, instrument panel, door panel or body pillar. Air bags also use a collision detection system that determines when the bags should be deployed and signals the ignition of one or more charges of the gas generator. Collision sensors relay a signal to a restraint system, which than activates a restraint device such as an air bag or a pretensioner to decrease the potential of an operator injury during the collision.

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