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Sensors, transducers, detectors

Sensors and detectors are devices which are designed so that they can detect or quantitatively determine physical parameters such as pressure, temperature, position or velocity over a measuring range. Many devices require accurate measurement sensors to calculate pressure, position, speed, acceleration or volume. These calculated values are transmitted to gauges or to a computer microprocessor to either give a visual readout of the measured value or to input the computer program to direct a change in condition or to activate another mechanical device. With the rapid development of science and technology, many sensors, such as image sensors, temperature sensors, and magnetic sensors, have been widely applied in a variety of fields such as telecommunications and the automobile industry. Transducers are devices which function generally to convert an input of one form into an output of another form or magnitude. Typically, a transducer may include a diaphragm which moves or vibrates in response to a some form of energy, such as sound. Some common examples of transducers with diaphragms are microphones, loudspeakers, thermometers, position and pressure sensors.

categorySensors, transducers, detectors categories

Flow meter Flow meter (14)

Pressure transducer Pressure transducer (1)

Proximity sensor Proximity sensor (5)

Thermocouple Thermocouple (2)

Torque sensor Torque sensor (0)

Accelerometer sensor Accelerometer sensor (0)

Angular velocity sensor Angular velocity sensor (0)

Collision sensor Collision sensor (0)

Conductivity meter Conductivity meter (1)

Current sensor Current sensor (1)

Digital micrometer Digital micrometer (0)

Digital pressure gauge Digital pressure gauge (0)

Digital thermometer Digital thermometer (0)

Displacement sensor Displacement sensor (0)

Dynamometer Dynamometer (0)

Eddy current probe Eddy current probe (0)

Electrochemical sensor Electrochemical sensor (0)

Fiber optic probe Fiber optic probe (0)

Fiber optic sensor Fiber optic sensor (1)

Flaw detector Flaw detector (2)

Flow sensor Flow sensor (2)

Force sensor Force sensor (0)

Gas sensor Gas sensor (0)

Geophone Geophone (1)

Hall effect sensor Hall effect sensor (0)

Heat detector Heat detector (0)

Humidity sensor Humidity sensor (2)

Hydrometer Hydrometer (0)

Infrared sensor Infrared sensor (0)

Infrared thermometer Infrared thermometer (0)

Ion selective electrode Ion selective electrode (0)

Ion sensor Ion sensor (0)

Laser displacement sensor Laser displacement sensor (0)

Laser measurement sensor Laser measurement sensor (0)

Laser sensor Laser sensor (0)

Leak detector Leak detector (0)

Level gauge Level gauge (1)

Light sensor Light sensor (1)

Linear position sensor Linear position sensor (0)

Linear potentiometer Linear potentiometer (1)

Liquid level sensor Liquid level sensor (11)

Load cell Load cell (1)

Load sensor Load sensor (1)

Magnetic sensor Magnetic sensor (2)

Metal detector Metal detector (2)

Moisture meter Moisture meter (0)

Moisture sensor Moisture sensor (0)

Motion sensor Motion sensor (0)

Occupancy sensor Occupancy sensor (0)

Optical sensor Optical sensor (0)

Oxygen sensor Oxygen sensor (3)

Photoelectric sensor Photoelectric sensor (0)

Photometer Photometer (1)

Piezoelectric actuator Piezoelectric actuator (1)

Piezoelectric sensor Piezoelectric sensor (1)

Piezoelectric transducer Piezoelectric transducer (2)

Position sensor Position sensor (0)

Pressure sensor Pressure sensor (0)

Pressure transmitter Pressure transmitter (1)

Resistance temperature detector Resistance temperature detector (0)

Rheometer Rheometer (0)

Rotary position sensor Rotary position sensor (0)

Seismic instrument Seismic instrument (0)

Strain gauge Strain gauge (0)

Strain sensor Strain sensor (0)

Tactile sensor Tactile sensor (0)

Temperature controller Temperature controller (0)

Temperature probe Temperature probe (0)

Temperature sensor Temperature sensor (1)

Temperature transmitter Temperature transmitter (0)

Tensiometer Tensiometer (0)

Thermistor sensor Thermistor sensor (1)

Tilt sensor Tilt sensor (0)

Tire pressure gauge Tire pressure gauge (0)

Tire pressure sensor Tire pressure sensor (0)

Torque transducer Torque transducer (0)

Ultrasonic sensor Ultrasonic sensor (0)

Ultrasonic transducer Ultrasonic transducer (1)

Ultrasound probe Ultrasound probe (0)

Ultraviolet (UV) sensor Ultraviolet (UV) sensor (1)

Vibration sensor Vibration sensor (0)

Viscometer Viscometer (0)

Viscosity sensor Viscosity sensor (0)

Wheel speed sensor Wheel speed sensor (0)

Color sensor Color sensor (0)

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