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Toggle switch

A toggle switch is a device having a plurality of terminals and means operated by a lever for making and breaking electrical connections between pairs of those terminals. Toggle switches of various types have long been used to control AC power in domestic, commercial and industrial applications for operating various electrical devices and equipment. Toggle switches are typically used in applications that require the mounting of the toggle switches to panels such that the toggle levers of the toggle switches protrude from a first side of the panels and extend through the panels to operate switches on an opposing second side of the panels. A typical toggle switch has a toggle lever that is pivoted about a pin in order to control the position of one or more switch contacts. The pin passes through a bushing and the toggle lever so as to support the toggle lever for pivotal movement. A spring is typically placed in contact with the toggle lever to exert a biasing force that will maintain the toggle lever in one or more stable positions, in addition to maintaining or assisting in the maintenance of a force on electrical contacts that are being switched into contact. A seal is usually provided between the toggle lever and the switch in order to prevent moisture and other contaminants from passing around the toggle lever and into the switch. The rocking or rotational motion of a switching rocker is converted into a linear motion for closing one or more electrical contacts. Toggle switches are generally standardized in terms of their mounting configurations such that they can readily be installed in wall-mounted electrical boxes.

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