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Power controller

Power controllers provide circuit breaker functions such as protection of the load and wiring from overload conditions and in addition provide on/off control of the conduction of the load circuit. Power controllers may be used to protect an AC wire harness against damage if the power controller experiences a short circuit failure caused by overcurrent or short circuiting at a load. Solid state switching devices which may be variously referred to as solid state power controllers, solid state circuit breakers or solid state switches, offer many performance features which make them preferable to mechanical switching devices in numerous applications. In solid state electronic configurations, power controllers can be devised to provide for on/off control from a location remote from the load and associated with the load circuit by a low power control circuit, such power controllers being referred to as remote power controllers (RPCs). Present remote power controllers are available in two basic configurations respectively for AC and DC load circuits. Power controllers have been utilized in battery backed-up systems to switch in a backup battery in the event that a primary power supply fails. Power controllers are used in industrial applications for example, to supply power to machinery, manufacturing equipment, support systems such as heating and air conditioning, etc. A power controller is used for solenoid driving in the battery power system for vehicles. The power controller is operated with a power supply at 12V from the battery on the vehicles.

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