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Power solid state relays & Power SIP relays

Power solid state relays & Power SIP relays Clare and IXYS have joined forces to bring OptoMos® technology, reliability and compact size to the new i4-PAC and ISOPLUS-264 series of power solid state relays.

Development of these new products was founded on the blending of Clare’s traditional strengths in the design and manufacture of photovoltaic integrated circuits (ICs), leadframe design and multichip packaging with IXYS’ expertise in power MOSFETs, power packages and substrate technology.

These new families use optically coupled MOSFET technology to provide 2500Vrms of input to output isolation and, as in all Clare solid state relays, the optically coupled output is controlled by a GaAIAs infrared LED.

Clare power relays are now offered in three package types; the Power SIP, the i4-PAC, and the ISOPLUS-264. The Power SIP package offers pin-to-pin compatibility with other solid state relays providing an easy upgrade path for existing designs and compatibility for new designs.

The i4-PAC and the ISOPLUS-264 packages feature a unique assembly process whereby the silicon is soft soldered onto a Direct Copper Bond (DCB) substrate rather than traditional bonding onto an epoxy encapsulated copper frame. This structure allows for a substantially lower power relay junction-to-case thermal impedance when compared to conventionally assembled power relays. For the i4-PAC the thermal resistance is 0.35°C/W while the ISOPLUS-264 has an even lower impedance of 0.30°C/W.

Although exposed on the backside of these packages, the electrically non-conductive surface of the DCB ceramic substrate provides 2500Vrms of isolation to the package’s electrically conductive power switching and control leads.

The combination of an electrically isolated non-conductive exterior with low thermal impedance makes the new i4-PAC and
ISOPLUS-264 power relays an ideal solution for power applications preferring a non-biased heat sink with superior thermal management properties.

• Current Loads up to 15Arms @ Tc=25°C
• Current Loads up to 32ADC @ Tc=25°C
• Voltage ratings up to 1000V
• Low On-resistance
• Compact i4-PAC Package
• Industry Standard 4-Pin SIP Package
• Low input control current
• 2500Vrms input-to-output isolation
• Low thermal impedances:
0.35°C/W - i4-PAC
0.30°C/W - ISOPLUS-264

• Motor Controls
• Robotics
• Medical Equipment
• Railroad/Traffic Controls
• Consumer Appliances
• Industrial control
• Test and measurement equipment

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Telephone number:   978-524-6700
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Contact name:   Steve Andrezyk [ Email ]

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