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A printer is an image formation device which receives data from a host computer and then forms a corresponding image onto a recordable medium such as a sheet of paper. Dot-impact printer, ink jet printer, laser jet printer, and thermal printer are examples of the most popular printers. An inkjet printer is a printer in which an image is formed on a recording medium by jetting ink droplets onto the recording medium from at least one ink cartridge mounted in a carrier that reciprocates perpendicularly to the transfer direction of the recording medium. An inkjet printer prints color images incrementally, with a continuous inkjet printing process, piezoelectric inkjet printing process or bubble-jet printing process. Inkjet printing has gained wide acceptance by consumers in the printing industry because it is fast in printing speed and is a relatively inexpensive form of printing and yet it produces high resolution printed images. The dot matrix printer is an impact type of printer in which each character or segment of a graphical image is comprised of a matrix of dots and blanks which together define the character. Laser printers use a coherent beam of light to expose discrete portions of an image transfer drum thus attracting the printing toner. In a laser printer, developer is coated on a photosensitive belt to form an image, and then the image developed on the photosensitive belt is transferred to a roller to print the image on a sheet of paper. The laser printer has advantageous operating characteristics of low noise, high speed and high resolution. Laser printers typically offer a greater improvement in resolution over dot matrix and ink jet printers, and the trend is to offer ever greater resolution in dots per inch (dpi), and to increase the throughput of pages printed per minute (PPM). A thermal printer is provided with a thermal printhead which includes an array of heating regions extending in the primary scanning directionand prints a desired image on a recording paper thermosensitively or by thermal transfer using an ink ribbon. A color thermal printer is used with color thermosensitive recording material, which includes a support and at least three thermosensitive coloring layers overlaid thereon. The coloring layers are yellow, magenta and cyan coloring layers.

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