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NTC thermistor

NTC thermistor Shenzhen Zeitgeist Electronics is a professional manufacturer specializing in the development, production of PTC/NTC thermistors and temperature sensors. The thermistors is applied in air-conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, water-heaters, warm-air blowers, dishwashers, washing machines, sterilizers, drying machines, medium-low temperature dry boxes and thermostatic cabinets save-energy lamp, communication equipment, medical treatment fixing, instrument meter, autocar, power supply facility, computer, and etc.

MF58J chip in glass radial type thermistor
A combination of ceramic craftsmanship with semi-conductor craftsmanship is adopted for manufacturing products of this model. Products of this model are glass-packed with radial lead type.

* Application
1. For Temperature testing and control in domestic appliances such as air-conditioners, micro-wave ovens, electric fans, and electric heaters.
2. Temperature testing or temperature compensation in automatic office facilities such as copiers and printers.
3. Temperature control and testing in facilities concerning industry, health-care, environment protection, weather forecasting and food processing.
4. Liquid level indicating and flow measuring.
5. Cells for mobile telephones.
6. Temperature compensation to coils for meters, integrated circuits, quartz crystal oscillators and thermocouples.

* Features
1. High stability and reliability.
2. Wide range of resistance value from 0.1 to 1000k
3. High precision of resistance value.
4. Usable even under high-temperature and high-humidity environment owing to its glass encapsulation.
5. So small, light and solid in structure as to be convenient for auto mounting (to a printed circuit board).
6. Response quickly to and highly sensitive to thermal sensation.

NSP power type thermistor
A surge current of a remarkable value will occur with no doubt at the brief moment when the current is key-on in an electronic circuit incorporating capacitors,heaters or motors. The peak value of this surge current can be very high although the surge current only works for a short time.The surge current can be as higher as 100 times the working current in a converting power,switch power or a UPS power, so there must be an efficient way to bring down this surge current. A NTC thermistor of NSP Power-type is a semi-conductive ceramic component made from a transitional metal oxide as a major material, and is classified under the category of negative temperature thermistors.When a current is applied directly to a NTC thermistor of power-type, the resistance goes down in response as the thermistor is heating up. Thanks to the pre-set Zero-power resistance of the NTC thermistor of power-type,it can be bring down effectively the surge current while it is connected in parallel in the power loop. Besides, the constant impact produced by the passing current makes the resistance of a NTC thermistor of power-type go down to its minimum after the bring-down is completed. Its power dissipation is ignorable since it produces no impact to the normal working current. Here comes the conclusion: to bring down the turn-on surge current and thus keep safe of your electronic devices,the simplest and the most efficient way is to equip the power loop with a NTC thermistor of NSP power-type.

* Application
Converting power, switch power, UPS power, electric heating devices of all types, electronic energy-saving lamps, electronic ballasts, power circuits of electronic appliances of all kinds, color picture tubes, incandescent bulbs and other illuminating lamps.

* Features
1. Small in size, high-powered, and very capable of bringing down the surge current.
2. Quick in reaction.
3. High in B value and low in residual current.
4. Long service life and high reliability.
5. High coefficient of safety and wide range of application.

ZT film type thermistor
* Features
1. High stability and reliability.
2.superior electrical insulation.
3. High precision of resistance value. is possible to use with safety in ambience that might contact with electrodes.
5. So small, light and solid in structure as to be convenient for auto mounting (to a printed circuit board).
6. Response quickly to and highly sensitive to thermal sensation.

* Specification
1. range of resistance ratings at Zero-wattage(R25):10kΩ
2. Tolorance of R25:1%, 2%, 3%.
3. Range of B value(B25/50 degree C): 3380K
4. Tolorance of B value: 0.5%, 1%, 2%.
5. Dissipation coefficient: Min.0.7mW/ (in still air)
6. Heat Time Constant: Max.5.0S (in still air)
7. Range of working temperature: -30 degree C ~ +125 degree C
8. Wattage Rating: max. 3.5mW

MF52E2 epoxy resin lead type thermistor
The MF52 thermistor is a small-sized,epoxy-resin coated NTC resistor made from new-type material with new craftsmanship.It is featured with advantages including high precision and quick reaction

* Application
Air conditioners, heating facilitied, electronic thermometers, fluid level sensors, automobile electronics and electronic table-calendars.

* Features
1. High testing precision.
2. Small and quick in reaction.
3. Long and good service.
4. Good interconvertibility and consistency.

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Telephone number:   86-755-82077900
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