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Miniature 7 GHz RF Reed Relay CRF Series

Miniature 7 GHz RF Reed Relay CRF Series The CR series is our smallest and most versatile instrument grade reed relay series. The CRF Series has a flat insertion loss curve from DC up to 7 GHz, attained by keeping the signal path as short as possible and using an internal coaxial shield with a consistent 50 Ohm impedance path. Not only is it excellent with RF signals, but is also great for digital signals where the skew rates or effects on the rise time of fast digital pulses is less than 40 picoseconds through the relay.

The epoxy over-molded ceramic package is very rugged and has very good low thermal offset voltage capability as low as 1 microvolt because of its excellent heat conducting alumina substrate. The ceramic substrate has leadless gold plated pads making it ideal for surface mounting with no worry of lead skewing or coplanarity issues. Additionally, the ceramic substrate has a thermal coefficient of expansion that exactly matches the reed switch glass and the reed lead to eliminate any potential packaging stress.

The CR series is only 3.4 mm high, making it ideal for very low profile environments. Because there is an internal magnetic shield, the relays can be stacked very close together without having to deal with magnetic coupling effects between relays. This is the case whether you are dealing with a two dimensional or three dimensional relay matrix. For more height off the PCB, we have a BGA option available.

The CR Series is capable of switching into the billions of operations and can also withstand reflow-soldering operations up to 260°C. Measuring only 8.6mm x 4.4mm x 3.4mm, the leadless design eliminates skewing of leads and co- planarity issues. Insulation resistance typical to all points is >1014 Ohms.


Ceramic / thermoset molded package
Patent pending
Smallest in the industry
No lead frame surface mount design eliminates skewing of leads and co-planarity issues
Available with BGA (Ball Grid Array)
Internal magnetic shield standard
Very low profile
Gold plated leads
Low thermal offset typical of 1 µV
TCE matching of all internal components
Insulation resistance typical of 1014 Ohms
3 volt option available

Test and measurement systems
Medical applications
High frequency

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