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Pendant lighting

Pendant lighting fixture assemblies are well known to most homes and offices. People have used pendant lamp at home, church, or other places of commerce to to provide an atmospheric or decorative touch. Such lighting fixture assemblies are suspended from ceilings or hung-ceilings. These fixtures typically include a plurality of light bulbs as well as electromagnetic ballasts, including a transformer and a power capacitor, to control the corresponding lamps. A pendant light usually comprises a die cast pan having a base bulb casing, a plurality of light chandeliers, a lamp shade detachably mounted on each bulb connector, a hanging chain for hanging the pendant lamp from a ceiling securely attached on the top of the pan, and a plurality of connecting wires for electrically connecting to the light bulbs mounted inside the pendant lamp. Typical lighting fixtures are suspended from the ceiling and house lamps such as mercury vapor, metal halide or sodium lamps. One type of fixture used in these environments is the high intensity discharge (HID) fixture, which typically includes a single light source with a dome and reflector about the lamp which reflects the light. The reflector is generally a highly polished metal. Such high intensity discharge lamp fixtures are effective but generally require high power requirements operating in the range of 400 to 1000 watts of power.

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