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Light fixture

Lighting fixtures are employed in a variety of applications for illuminating, marking, designating and signaling areas, structures and objects. Light fixtures found in indoor industrial, commercial, and retail settings typically consist of a housing and a lamp assembly. The housing holds within it the power components needed by the fixture to operate such as the ballast and the capacitor. Light fixtures are typically mounted to an electrical outlet box which is flush mounted to a surface, such as a wall or ceiling. Recessed fixtures are mounted at a ceiling or ceiling panel, and electrical wiring to supply power for the fixture is run above the ceiling or ceiling panels, connecting suitably to the fixture. Light fixtures typically use a threaded rod to attach a diffuser to a base of a light fixture. A base end of the threaded rod is usually connected to the base of the light fixture by means such as a nut and washers. There are many types of light fixtures. They may utilize incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, metal halide lamps and others. One of the most accepted light fixtures, particularly for stores, warehouses, manufacturing facilities and large buildings is the fluorescent light fixture. The fluorescent light is efficient to operate and provides excellent optical efficiency. A typical fluorescent light fixture has an elongated housing, usually made of metal or plastic with a downwardly opening elongated cavity in which is carried one or more tubular fluorescent lamps for emitting light below the fixture. Outdoor lighting is frequently employed in commercial, public and residential locations in order to enhance the safety and appearance of outdoor locations and to provide improved security.

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