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Signal processing

Signal processors are typically employed to remove or derive either the primary or secondary signal portion from a composite measured signal including a primary signal portion or a secondary signal portion. Digital signal processing systems are technically and economically superior to analog circuits in numerous ways, and are replacing analog circuits in many applications. Digital signal processing is concerned with the representation, transformation, and manipulation of digital signals and the information they contain. Digital signal processing has become a mainstream technology employed by designers at the integrated circuit, board and system design levels. The technology is a core ingredient in many technology-related fields including the telecommunications and computer industries. The DSP (digital signal processor) is a dedicated processor for signal processing which is capable of carrying out multiplication and/or addition at a high speed. Digital signal processors generally are distinguished from general purpose microprocessors in that DSPs typically support accelerated arithmetic operations by including a dedicated multiplier and accumulator (MAC) for performing multiplication of digital numbers. Digital signal processors play a major role in such diverse fields as speech and data communication, biomedical engineering, acoustics, sonar, radar, seismology, oil exploration, instrumentation, robotics, consumer electronics, and many others. Many mobile phones, modems, digital versatile discs (DVDs), and a myriad of related products depend on digital signal processors for their basic functionality. DSPs are also effectively employed in audio, video and multimedia peripherals, disk drives and image processing systems for applications such as medical and scientific purposes. They can implement a wide range of digital signal processing algorithms including companding, filtering, Fast Fourier Transforms, and control algorithms.

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