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Process controller

Process controllers are used to perform a variety of functions including process control functions and data-gathering functions. The process industries, such as chemical, petroleum, power, food, textile, paper, and metallurgical, continuously or semi-continuously process gases, liquids, or solids. Electronic and mechanical equipment generally measures, indicates, and controls flow, pressure, temperature, level, and composition of these various gases, liquids, or solids. Process control functions include the monitoring of various conditions, such as liquid and gas pressures, flows, temperatures, etc., and responding to the state of the conditions by selectively activating pumps, valves, etc. to control the monitored conditions. The process controller receives signals indicative of measurements made by one or more field devices and/or other information pertaining to the field devices, uses this information to implement a typically complex control routine and then generates control signals which are sent via the analog signal buses to the field devices to thereby control the operation of the process. Programmable controllers are employed in many industrial and commercial applications to control the operation of various machines and processes. Programmable controllers have been adapted to certain process control applications using analog I/O interface modules to receive analog signals from pressure and temperature sensors and to transmit signals to control analog outputs. Field mounted control devices, such as transmitters, actuators, transducers, switches and stand-alone controller, are used in process control systems to control the process, measure process variables and to generate outputs representative of the process variables for communication to central controllers or field control elements (e.g. values) over process control loops.

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