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Industrial automation applications generally perform various functions such as a human machine interface (HMI), data logging, I/O interfacing, advanced control, and enterprise connectivity. Industrial processes often use automatic controls to reduce costs, improve quality, and increase productivity. Automation controllers are typically connected to industrial equipment such as assembly lines, machine tools and processing equipment to operate the equipment in accordance with a stored program. Industrial automation applications, also referred to as process monitoring and control applications, cover many applications and industries, including applications in industrial and research environments; continuous, batch and discrete processes; and I/O operations ranging from data collection to SCADA to direct control. Process control relates to the control of the parameters of a process, such as a manufacturing process. The parameters can include duration, temperature, pressure, speed, quantity, and/or direction of motion, for example. Process control networks, such as those used in chemical, petroleum or other processes, have generally included a centralized process controller communicatively coupled to one or more field devices which may perform physical control functions within the process, may take measurements within the process for use in controlling the operation of the process or may perform any other desired function within the process. Process devices are used to measure and control industrial processes such as the refining of petrochemicals, the processing of food, the generation of electric power, and a number of other processes. Process measurement devices include process variable transmitters, which measure a process variable such as pressure or temperature and communicate the measured variable to a process controller. Personal computer systems are increasingly being used in industrial automation applications. Programmable logic controls (PLCs), where control programs are placed in a program memory as a sequence of instructions, are regularly used in automation technology as plant and operation centre controls. Automation software can be used to help businesses such as process and manufacturing industries improve their productivity and profitability by combining factory automation equipment and control devices with software products that are focused on customer objectives. The process controller is typically a microcomputer located in a control room away from the process. The process controller can receive process information from one or more process measurement devices and apply a suitable control signal to one or more process control devices to influence the process and thereby control it. In order to couple to the process, transmitters and actuators are generally mounted near the process in the field. Motion control is a broad term that may be defined as the precise control of anything that moves. Automation has resulted in the development of motion controllers capable of signaling actuator devices to effect motion in linkages along a desired trajectory performing useful work. Motion controller permits increased speed and precision in performing a given task over manual operation.

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