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Flexible circuits

Flexible circuits Northpoint Technologies, Inc. is a flexible circuit manufacturing and design company specializing in polyimide (KaptonŽ) and polyester (MylarŽ) circuitry used worldwide, in an ever-increasing variety of products. Because we are determined to offer the best solutions in flexible circuitry, we took on the name Flexible Circuits, Inc. in 2007, separating our flexible circuit solutions from other solutions we provide. Our focused experience in flexible circuit products has gained Northpoint Technologies, Inc. the reputation as a very cost-effective and reliable source for a wide range of products using flex circuitry.

Flexible circuit assemblies, connectors, and more created to your specs using materials and dimensions you specify. Application engineers will help you devise a custom flexible circuit solution that meets your specific criteria. Flexible circuits are utilized in a wide variety of industries and are a highly diverse electrical component supply that can be used in place of complex wiring schemes.

We offer a wide range of polyimide or polyester films and copper thicknesses, both in RA and electro-deposited thickness to meet your specific requirements. We can perform many additional secondary processes and enhancements such as forming, creasing, adding stiffeners and selective adhesives. Our staff of application engineers will work with you to incorporate these additional features. Besides manufacturing flexible circuits and flexible interconnects, Northpoint provides all types of assemblies ranging from standard connectors to complete flex circuit assemblies including chip-on-board.

Single-Sided Flexible Circuits
These flexible circuits have the base layer (polyimide) and a single copper conductor. Fabrication specs can be modified or tailored to your requirements. Single-sided flexible circuits maintain a small profile and great conformability so are excellent for installations or in very small spaces. If you want to optimize your space, a single-sided flexible circuit could be your answer.

Double-Sided Flexible Circuits
Double-sided flexible circuits have a different structure, making them more rigid and for use in applications where a single-sided flexible circuits design does not provide the necessary circuit density and layout. The double-sided flexible circuit features the base layer as a core between two adhered copper conducters.

Our flexible circuits are ISO 9002 Certified. Each unit is crafted to meet industry standards and provide you with a cost-effective solution with a rapid turn around time. Flexible circuit manufacturing is our specialty. Flexible circuits by Northpoint technologies, Inc. can assist in your goals to achieve a technological and cost edge over your competition. We can reduce time and cost to market and help keep you moving forward now and in the years ahead.

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Company name:   Flex Circuits, Inc. a Northpoint Technologies, Inc. Company [ Homepage ]
Business address:   207 E. Park Ave
Mundelein, IL, USA.
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Telephone number:   800-533-5087
Contact name:   Don Morris [ Email ]

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