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Elixir liquid level sensor

Elixir liquid level sensor Elixir is a compact, microcontroller based tuning fork level sensor for liquid level sensing that requires no calibration. The frequency of the fork changes when the tines are immersed in the liquid. The change in the frequency is detected and used for switching a relay. The output contacts of the relay can in turn be used for annunciation or control. The elixir system is not affected by the electrical properties of service material, is maintenance free and fast & easy to install.

Elixir can be used in any process industry plant that requires sensing of liquids in a sump/tank. Typical uses of Elixir have been fore level sensing of chemicals, beverages, liquor, varnish, juice, jam, ketchup, formulations, drugs etc. It also has replaced the float operated switches in some of the applications. It is also not affected by electrical properties of the service material.

Technical data and product specs:
* Viscosity: up to 10000 cP
* Temperature up to 200C
* Pressure: up to 10kg/cm2
* Density: up to 0.7 gm/c.c.
* Length max: 3.5 meters
* Mounting: minimum flange size 1-1/2" or 1" BSP/NPT Threaded
* Housing: cast aluminum, weather-proof stoving enamel painted, suitable for back panel/wall mounting.
* Cable entries: 3 No. /2 No.
* Mains: 110 or 230 V AC (-15% to +10% ) 50 Hz ; 240 V AC/DC; 90 to 260 V AC universal power supply.
* Relay output: one/two set (s) of potential free change over contacts rated at 6A 230V AC, 50Hz for non-inductive load.
* Time delay: adjustable from 1 to 20 second for probe covered & uncovered condition.
* Indication: red LED for alarm and Green LED for normal condition.
* Power consumption: 5 VA approx.
* Response time: 1 second. approx.
* Operating temperature: -20C to +60C
* Fail-safe mode: high or Low field selectable.

Product features:
* No moving parts, no wear and tear.
* Operates reliably in viscous liquids.
* Not affected by streams, turbulence, floating particles and gas bubbles.
* Operation is independent of electrical properties of the material.
* Can be installed quickly in small entries, pipes and mixing tanks.
* Installation is independent of position.
* No adjustment required, therefore fast commissioning.

The company offers both AC and DC versions of the Elixir system.

productsManufacturer/supplier's information

Company name:   Sapcon Instruments (P) Ltd. [ Homepage ]
Business address:   131, Palshikar Colony, Indore, India
Zip/postal code:   452004
Telephone number:   +91-731-4085751
Fax number:   +91-731- 2475475
Contact name:   Ashwin Palshikar [ Email ]

Product groups: liquid level sensor   level switch   liquid level switch

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