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Surge suppressor, surge protection

Surge suppressors are devices that protect sensitive electronic and electrical equipment from high energy voltage transients. Transient voltages or spikes can be very detrimental to electronic equipment commonly found in households, businesses, and communications networks. Large variations in the power and transmission line currents and voltages can change the operating frequency range of the electronic equipment and can severely damage and/or destroy the electronic equipment. Today many homes and buildings use sensitive electronic equipment such as home entertainment centers with expensive audio/visual equipment, personal computers, modems, printers, copiers, facsimile machines and telephone answering machines. Those sensitive electronic equipment is connected to the outside world by AC power lines, coaxial transmission lines and communication lines. Because the electronic equipment is expensive, there is a need to protect the equipment from voltage surges occurring on the AC power lines, the coaxial transmission lines and the communication lines. Surge protection devices protect electronic equipment from being damaged by large variations in the current and voltage across power and transmission lines resulting from lightning strikes, switching surges, transients, noise, incorrect connections, and other abnormal conditions or malfunctions. Surge protection devices are typically placed in line with transmission lines and are located near the electronic equipment to be protected. Surge suppressors provide protection against voltage spikes and surges which are capable of damaging electrical equipment connected to the power distribution box. The surge suppressors protect against these voltage transients by absorbing the excess energy and slowly discharging it to ground.

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