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Gas circuit breaker

Circuit breakers are a well known type of protective device which are designed to trip open and interrupt an electric circuit in response to detecting overloads and short circuits. A power use circuit breaker, which interrupts a fault current flowing at a time of electric power system accident and protects the electric power system, is required to instantly interrupt a large fault current. A gas circuit breaker includes a circuit breaking portion consisting of a stationary contact and a movable contact accommodated in a metal container filled with insulation gas. A capacitor for suppressing the recovery voltage is electrically connected in parallel between the stationary and movable contacts in the circuit breaking portion and is disposed in the separating direction of the movable contact. Gas-insulated circuit breakers generally include separable contact elements contained within a sealed tank filled with an inert insulating gas for reducing arcing. Specifically, the gas is typically sulfurhexaflouride (SF6) due to its good insulative and arc interruption properties. High-voltage circuit breakers with gas-blast by compression of SF6 gas generally use a hydraulic operating mechanism fixed to the base of the circuit breaker support insulator, comprising a hydraulic jack coupled to the insulating actuating rod of the moving assembly. A gas circuit breaker used in an extra-high voltage system is provided with a closing resistor device for restricting a surge voltage upon closing. This closing resistor device is electrically connected in parallel with a main interrupting unit, and formed of a series connection of resistors and resistor contacts. As a breaker for protecting a high voltage transmission system of 72 kV or higher, the puffer type gas circuit breaker is widely used. With this type of gas circuit breaker, an interrupting section is arranged in a metallic container filled with an arc-extinguishing gas such as SF6 gas to be insulated electrically from the container, the arc-extinguishing gas is compressed in a compression device in relation to coming toward and away actions of contacts, which constitute the interrupting section, and the compressed gas is blown against an arc to extinguish.

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