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Air circuit breaker

Circuit breakers are used to protect equipment from overcurrent situations caused, for example, by short circuits or ground faults in or near such equipment. Electrical power distribution systems and their components need protection from numerous types of malfunctions, including overcurrent conditions, overvoltage conditions, undervoltage conditions, reverse current flow, and unbalanced phase voltages. Accordingly, electrical distribution systems are provided with circuit breakers. In the event an overcurrent condition occurs, electrical contacts within the circuit breaker will open, stopping the flow of electrical current through the circuit breaker to the equipment. Air circuit breakers are commonly used in electrical distribution systems. A typical air circuit breaker comprises a component for connecting an electrical power source to electrical power consumer called a load. The component is referred to as a main contact assembly. A main contact is typically either opened, interrupting a path for power to travel from the source to the load, or closed, providing a path for power to travel from the source to the load. In a low voltage air circuit breaker, the movable contact is mounted on a contact arm that is pivoted to open the contacts by a spring powered operating mechanism triggered by a trip unit responsive to an overcurrent condition in the protected circuit. In many air circuit breakers, the mechanism for controlling the compression springs comprises a configuration of mechanical linkages between a latching shaft and an actuation device. The actuation device may be manually or electrically operated. An air circuit breaker is divided into a fixed type fixedly installed between power source and a load and a drawer type in which a breaker is movable so as to be separated from power source and a load in order to facilitate maintenance and secure stability.

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