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Electrical & electronic components

Integrated circuit (IC) Integrated circuit (IC) (1)

Amplifier Amplifier (0)

Capacitor Capacitor (5)

Circuit breaker Circuit breaker (5)

Digital panel meter Digital panel meter (1)

Electric motor Electric motor (3)

Electric outlet Electric outlet (0)

Electric plug Electric plug (0)

Electrical alternator Electrical alternator (0)

Electrical conduit Electrical conduit (1)

Electrical contactor Electrical contactor (0)

Electrical fuse Electrical fuse (0)

Electrical insulator Electrical insulator (1)

Electrical receptacle Electrical receptacle (0)

Electrical socket Electrical socket (0)

Electronic ballast Electronic ballast (0)

Electronic filter Electronic filter (25)

Electronic oscillator Electronic oscillator (4)

Frequency converter Frequency converter (0)

Frequency counter Frequency counter (0)

Frequency multiplier Frequency multiplier (0)

Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) (0)

Inductor Inductor (0)

Magnet Magnet (2)

Multiplexer/demultiplexer Multiplexer/demultiplexer (0)

Phase converter Phase converter (1)

Phase detector Phase detector (0)

Position encoder Position encoder (0)

Power distribution busbar Power distribution busbar (1)

Power meter Power meter (3)

Power semiconductor Power semiconductor (0)

Printed circuit board (PCB) Printed circuit board (PCB) (13)

Resistor Resistor (6)

Silicon wafer Silicon wafer (0)

Surge suppressor Surge suppressor (1)

Thermistor Thermistor (12)

Thyristor Thyristor (0)

Transformer Transformer (7)

Transistor Transistor (0)

Voltage multiplier Voltage multiplier (0)

Bridge rectifier Bridge rectifier (0)

Diode Diode (0)

Digital audio/video encoder Digital audio/video encoder (0)

Audio/video decoder Audio/video decoder (0)

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