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Digital camera

Digital still cameras (DSC) have become a very popular consumer appliance for photography enthusiasts. A digital camera converts light reflected by an object to an electrical signal so as to generate image data, and records the generated image data in an information recording medium such as a semiconductor memory. A digital camera is similar to a film camera except that the film is replaced with an electronic sensor. The sensor is comprised of an array of photo detectors that change the photons that strike them into electrons providing a signal at each pixel proportional to the number of photons. Most consumer digital cameras employ charge coupled device (CCD) or complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) sensors. In digital cameras, the viewing of the scene that will be captured is accomplished with either an optical viewfinder or a liquid crystal display (LCD) unit in combination with an optical viewfinder. The LCD displays the scene on a viewing screen for preview by a user. When the image has been captured and stored on such a removable memory device, the LCD unit may also be utilized to view the stored digital image in what is called a post view or review mode of operation where the captured image is retrieved from the removable memory device and displayed on the LCD. Digital cameras utilizing high-resolution electronic imaging sensors typically require high-resolution optical elements such as lenses. In addition, the lenses generally must be very compact, so that they can be incorporated into devices such as palm-sized computers and cellular phones. Most digital cameras provide a linking cable as an accessory. The cable is provided with connectors at both ends, one to connect to a port on the camera and the other to connect to a port on the computer, cellular phone or personal digital assistant (PDA). Some digital cameras are capable of direct connection with a printer, allowing images to be printed without connecting the camera to a personal computer (PC).

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