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Digital camcorder

A video camcorder is a representative of portable imaging devices. A camcorder has the function of a general video camera for imaging an object as well as the function of a video recorder for recording the image of the object. Video camcorders are mainly classified into those of the analog type and the digital type. In digital and analog camcorders, audio signals may be recorded on a recording media during a shooting mode and during a dubbing mode. During the shooting mode, video signals are shot and audio signals in the shooting area are recorded at the same time. During the dubbing mode, audio signals, in addition to the audio signals recorded during the shooting mode, are artificially recorded. The digital camcorders produce digital video images which may be digitally manipulated and displayed. Personal computers are built for manipulating and storing digital data. Analog video camcorders can not interface with any personal computer because they have a format incompatible with personal computer interface units used for digital video camcorders to interface with a personal computer. A camcorder using an LCD monitor is constructed in such a manner that a camera is incorporated into a VCR portion and the LCD monitor portion is free to move with respect to the VCR portion. Generally, recording of a camcorder is performed beginning with selection of a recording button by the user upon power-on of the camcorder. The user begins to record a desired image, keeping a certain distance from the image, using the camcorder and then pushes a stop button on the camcorder to complete the recording of the image. A camcorder is equipped with a rechargeable battery for supplying power. Such a rechargeable battery is made to join or separate from the main body of the camcorder by a coupler.

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