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CCTV camera

Closed circuit television systems (CCTV) include a control or console panel and monitor mounted remote from a television camera from which a television picture is received. In the closed circuit television (CCTV) system such as a supervisory system, a remote controllable television camera is located at each of a plurality of different places to be observed. By way of example television cameras have been placed at the exterior of buildings and intended to control admittance, the doors, the gates and other accesses. The CCTV camera is positioned to observe a specified object or scene and transmits to the central supervisory station video signals corresponding to the observation of the specified object or scene. The positioning of each television camera coordinates, such as tilting, panning, focusing and zooming, are controlled by control signals supplied from the controlling device. Remote control of the camera is achieved via camera control devices such as lens focus, iris, zoom, and camera attitude (pan and tilt) mechanisms mounted on the camera. At a central supervisory station, a monitor for receiving video signals from the selected television camera, a controlling device for controlling the coordinates of the television camera, and a switching circuit for selecting one of the television cameras to be connected to the controlling device and the monitor, are located.

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