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Photographic technology has enjoyed an ever increasing growth since its invention. Photography used to be a process based upon chemical reactions, typically of photosensitive salts of precious metals such as silver and platinum. While such processes have been optimized to provide high sensitivity, good resolution and reliable performance, they suffer from several shortcomings. With the progress of digital image technology, the conventional cameras are gradually replaced by digital cameras. Electronic arrays of photosensitive elements are capable of providing a signal corresponding to a pattern of information projected thereupon; and consequently, such arrays may be utilized to partially replace conventional photographic film by providing an electronic imaging system free of the shortcomings inherent in chemically based photographic systems. Digital photographing does not require a developing process and thus is advantageous in easily obtaining a photograph as compared with silver salt film photographing. Digitally photographed data, moreover, can be stored as data in a personal computer or the like, and this will never be deteriorated as a negative silver salt film. The digital camera converts an optical image to electronic image data and digitally records the image data on a storage medium. Digital camera interfaces have been designed to mimic film camera controls so that knowledgeable photographers may control the picture taking functionalities, such as shutter speed, aperture, flash, zoom and other features. Digital cameras have become one of the most popular of electronic devices. Digital cameras can be made using charge coupled device (CCD) imaging arrays. They can also be made using conventional complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology so that they may be integrated with other logic components. Portable video cameras and recorders, commonly referred to as camcorders, are well known consumer electronics which are in widespread use today. The advent of digital camcorders has made it possible to efficiently and inexpensively video recording activities at locations where bulky video equipment couldn't go.

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