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USB hub

A universal serial bus (USB) hub is a standard peripheral interface for connecting a computer to different devices, such as monitors, modems, mice, printers, digital cameras, scanners, game controllers, keyboards, and so on. Following fast development of computer technology, a variety of computer peripheral apparatus have been developed. The development of local area networks sophisticates the connection between personal computers, servers, and other network apparatus and computer peripheral apparatus. Universal serial bus (USB) is a very common computer interface specification. Any peripheral device that implements the USB standard can connect to a PC equipped with a USB port and transmit/receive data through the USB port. With the ease of use provided by plug-and-play, and the high transmission speed, devices using the USB standard interface are now in the mainstream. A USB hub provides a convenient central data connection point for attaching multiple peripheral devices to a computer. The hub relays data from the computer to all enabled devices connected to the data hub, and relays data from the enabled devices to the computer. A USB hub typically includes an upstream port, which couples the hub to the host, and several downstream ports, which each couple the hub to another hub or peripheral. Each downstream port may be individually enabled and attached to a device. The USB (Universal Serial Bus) hub is connected to the computer via a single USB upstream connector. The USB hub also includes a plurality of downstream ports for connecting the peripheral devices to the hub. A USB hub typically includes a hub controller, a hub repeater, and a transaction translator. The USB hub repeater provides a USB protocol-controlled switch between the upstream port and downstream ports as well as support for reset and suspend/resume signaling. The host controller facilitates communication to and from the host. The transaction translator allows full- and/or low-speed downstream devices to communicate with a high-speed host.

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