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Computer networks facilitate the interoperability of computer systems and allow a plurality of users to share various elements such as data, applications programs, peripherals, and communication links to other networks and files. A computer network may be as complex as a planet wide web of inter connected computers such as the Internet, or in contrast, a network may be as simple as a temporary communication link between two computers. The Internet is a worldwide interconnection of networks over which computers can exchange information. Computer networks are classified by their geographic scope. The most commonly used terms for classifying computer networks are local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN). A local area network (LAN) is essentially a combination of two or more personal computers or workstations that are physically and logically connected to each other. A commonly utilized type of LAN is Ethernet. Local area networks can be interconnected to other networks in other parts of a building or in other cities, this type of configuration being commonly referred to as a wide area network or WAN. Computer devices may be connected in a network via a physical connection such as a wire, cable, or fiber optic connection, or alternatively, computer devices in a network may be connected via a wireless connection. In computer network systems, network hubs, switches, repeaters, and routers are used when creating a network. A network switch is a device that provides a switching function in a data communications network. Hubs are used to bring media segments together in a central location. A network adapter enables a computer to transmit and receive data over a network or direct connection to another device. Routers are specialized computer networking devices that route or guide packets of digitized information throughout a network.

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USB hub USB hub (0)

Network switch Network switch (26)

Wireless networking Wireless networking (1)

Wireless router Wireless router (0)

Cable modem Cable modem (0)

Computer network router Computer network router (0)

DSL, ADSL modem DSL, ADSL modem (3)

KVM switch KVM switch (3)

Network adapter (network card) Network adapter (network card) (0)

Network attached storage (NAS) Network attached storage (NAS) (0)

Network bridge Network bridge (1)

Network firewall Network firewall (0)

Network gateway Network gateway (0)

Network hub Network hub (0)

Network repeater Network repeater (1)

Storage area network (SAN) Storage area network (SAN) (0)

VPN hardware VPN hardware (0)

Wireless access point Wireless access point (0)

Wireless adapter card Wireless adapter card (0)

Wireless radio modem Wireless radio modem (0)

Wireless repeater Wireless repeater (0)

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