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Video capture board

With the development of multimedia systems, the prospect of capturing high quality video on a computer system has become desirable. Video capture boards, sometimes referred to as video adapters, are known which enhance the performance of display systems such as laptop computers, desktop computers, portable computing units and other devices. Video capture chips are used for capturing still image or live video, and may be used together with a video sensor and signal processing circuit to create a video camera. Video capture boards are increasingly employed to accommodate digital video from DVD sources, cable television, and other video sources wherein the video is displayed along with graphics information on a computer screen. In a multimedia system this may allow users to both watch movies, and perform other computer functions simultaneously. Computer processing systems for processing video data include a digitizer which samples an incoming analog video signal, such as an NTSC signal, and converts the sample analog video signal into a suitable digital format. The digitized video data is then provided to a video scaler that scales the digital video data into pixel data which is eventually stored in the host memory and used by the host to recreate images on a display screen, such as an LCD. Video capture boards have video capture circuits to suitably capture video data received through an analog or digital video decoder. Video decoders generate ancillary data blocks (ANC) which may include for example audio data or other data. The ancillary data is typically included in the vertical blanking interval. Once the video and ancillary information is obtained, a host processor typically analyzes the vertical blanking interval data and ancillary data to determine what the data is and then subsequently presents the data properly on a display device. A video capture board is generally equipped with an analog video port for coupling to an analog video source, an A/D converter, a frame acquisition buffer, a bus connection to the host system, and a DMA controller. In addition, a video board is often equipped with a digital video port for coupling to a digital video source.

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