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SIMM memory

A single in-line memory module (SIMM) is a circuit board having all the logic chips needed to add random access memory (RAM) to a computer. SIMM (single in-line memory module) boards consist of byte multiples of memory chips arranged on a printed circuit board or comparable mounting arrangement. The SIMM board is connected to a circuit control board by an edge connector. Single in-line memory modules represent a high density, low profile single in-line package for electronic components such as dynamic random access memory integrated circuit components. A plurality of these components can be mounted in line on a circuit panel whose height is little more than the length of the components themselves. With a SIMM, several memory devices such as DRAMs are mounted on a printed circuit board having an edge connector. The SIMM is designed to plug into a computer socket in electrical communication with address, data and power supply buses for the computer so that the randomly-addressable memory cells of the SIMM can be addressed directly by the computer's CPU rather than by a bank-switching technique commonly used in larger memory expansion boards. One edge of a SIMM module is a card-edge connector, which plugs into a socket on the computer which is directly connected to the computer buses required for powering and addressing the memory on the SIMM.

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