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Memory card (memory stick)

A memory card is an extension card that can be inserted into a host device such as a computer, a digital camera, a smart phone, a personal digital assistant, or an MP3 player to extend a memory capacity of the host device. Memory cards comprise multiple integrated circuit devices or semiconductor dies which are interconnected using a circuit board substrate. There are various types of memory cards that are currently available, including a random access memory (RAM) card, a read only memory (ROM) card, an electrically erasable programmable read only memory (EEPROM) card, and a flash memory card. A flash memory card is a nonvolatile memory device with a compact housing that does not require a power source in order to retain its memory contents. A flash memory card stores charge on a floating gate to represent a first logic state of the binary state system, while the lack of stored charge represents a second logic state of the binary state system. A flash memory card is capable of performing a write operation, a read operation, and an erase operation. Memory cards of different sizes and specifications have been developed, such as SM (smart media card), MMC (multimedia card), SD (secure digital memory card), XD (xD piture card), and MS (memory stick). Each of the different memory cards typically conforms to a specific form factor of the standard and includes a unique connector which conforms the electrical and mechanical interfaces of the card to the respective standard. Typically, a memory card includes a contact or terminal array for connection through a card connector to a card reader system and then to external equipment. The electrical contact are typically exposed on the backside of the circuit board substrate, with the electrical connection to the dies being provided by vias which extend through the circuit board substrate.

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