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Keyboards are connected to computers to input data and commands to the computers, so computers can deal with a lot of information. Computer keyboards have become standardized in their basic format for use with a variety of computers and computer operating systems. In general, a keyboard includes a standard set of printable characters (standard keys) and a number of nontext keys. Each of the standard keys functions itself, namely, each means something itself. On the other hand, the nontext keys are always used together with some of the standard keys. Most computer keyboards are made up of keys, each with a cap and an underlying key post, and a detection mechanism that registers that a key has been pressed. A number of key switches corresponding to the keys are arranged in matrix on the intersections of drive lines and receive lines. The keyboard is provided with a microcontroller which performs predetermined processing in response to key press and key release operations. By pressing a key on the keyboard, the keyboard generates a "make" code which is transmitted over the cable to the computer. Releasing the key generates a corresponding "break" code which is sent over the cable. The keyboard used with a desktop computer typically contains a keyboard controller which responds to the depression of a key on the keyboard by generating a key matrix code corresponding to the depressed key, and by supplying the code in a digital form to a host computer. In order to make notebook computers convenient, most notebook computers have keyboards directly installed on the notebook computer main body. The keyboards thus constructed cannot be adjusted to a desired usage angle. Computers typically utilize keyboards that are physically connected to the computer by a cable. The wired keyboard has proven to be very reliable and perform very well. However, on consideration of convenience, wireless keyboard are popularly used with various computing apparatuses, e.g., desk-top computers, notebook computers, personal digital assistants, mobile phones, and pocket computers.

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