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Computer systems are general purpose devices that may be modified to perform particular tasks or functions. Such general purpose computers typically include housings for enclosing various components and circuitry associated with operating the general purpose computers. The computer enclosure used to protect the components and circuitry housed therein from physical damage, and to prevent electromagnetic signals generated by components of the computer from escaping and causing EMI (electromagnetic interference) to other electronic devices in the vicinity of the computer. A typical computer enclosure includes a chassis, an expansion card seat, a front bezel and a plurality of components connectable to external apparatus and systems. In a typical application, a computer case has a high structural integrity to protect against physical impact, and conductive, shielding materials to reduce EMI emissions. The conductive components of the computer are also grounded to the case to protect users and computer components from electric shock. In assembly, the bezel, the side panels and the cover are directly secured to the base with screws. In order to remove the bezel or the cover, the screws must be disengaged from the base one by one. Some computer enclosures adopt hooks to reduce or even eliminate the need for screws. Hooks formed on panels of the enclosure engage in recesses defined in other panels of the enclosure. Modern computer systems comprise not only a motherboard, but also one or more expansion cards which provide specialized functions. A rear panel of a computer case typically defines a plurality of expansion slots therein. Each expansion card typically comprises a slot cover attached at one of the expansion slots, to correctly position the corresponding expansion card. In most cases, the computer housings take the form of a box, as for example, the housings associated with tower style computers.

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