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The demand for increased memory storage capacity in computer systems is driven by developments in computing such as those relating to multimedia, database and communications technology. In order to accommodate increasing requirements for data storage and data transfer capability, several peripheral device interface standards have been developed for data storage and transfer. These interface standards provide an interface between the host computer system and data storage devices which store data. Modern communications systems typically utilize some type of electronic bus system to provide data communications between various computer components. A bus system is characterized in terms of a number of different properties, including electrical properties, timing properties, and data communication protocols. Various kinds of interface cards are common used to upgrade a computer system to enhance efficacy. For example, interface cards, like sound cards, graphic cards, network cards, or many other multimedia interface cards, are used as a bridge to connect host computer and other hardware. PC or PCMCIA Cards have been developed to provide additional data processing capabilities in data processing systems such as a personal computer. The PCI (Peripheral Connection Interface) bus is one popular example of a computer bus. The PCI bus is used in popular personal computers, in conjunction with a motherboard. The PCI bus is used as an interconnect between boards in a system, as a method of hooking chips together on a board, and as a micro-architecture within chips. CompactPCI computer systems employ industry standard mechanical components and high performance connector technologies to provide an optimized system intended for rugged applications. Small Computer Systems Interface (SCSI) is a known architecture having an interface with at least one SCSI bus which links memory storage devices to a computer system.

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