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Car CD/MP3 player

Modern automotive vehicles typically have equipment such as a multimedia system. In addition to the traditional car radio, such multimedia systems can include a number of other units such as a cassette player, CD player, DVD player, television receiver, navigation system, screen, and loudspeaker boxes, etc. Many car stereo systems are equipped with devices for playing digitally recorded media. Such devices may include compact disc (CD) players, digital video disc (DVD) players, and mini disc players. A standard in-dash CD player generally holds about 74 minutes of music before one must repeat the same CD or insert a different CD. The CD player or the CD changer is provided with a recording medium insertion path, capable to put a plurality of CDs in and out. MP3 players have also been adapted for use in a vehicle. MP3 is a file format for storing audio data on a computer in digital format. MP3 stands for MPEG (Moving Pictures Experts Group) Audio Layer 3. MP3 produces compact disk (CD)-quality music in a compressed file that can be transferred quickly and played on any multimedia computer with a MP3 player. While a CD takes a full 650 megabytes for 74 minutes of audio, that same amount of music in MP3 format would take only 74 megabytes. A MP3 player allows the user to listen to music or sound in MP3 format. The technology creates sound files a tenth the size of standard CD music files with very little loss of sound quality.

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