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Automotive vehicles include a storage battery for operating electronics in the vehicle and using an electric starter to start the vehicle engine. The battery is used to provide cranking power to start the vehicle and also is the only source of power to continue to maintain the lights or other devices in operation when the vehicle ignition has been turned off. They are also referred to as SLI batteries because the primary purpose of batteries used in internal combustion powered vehicles is to provide energy for starting, lighting and ignition (SLI). A battery charging system is coupled to the engine and is powered by the engine when the vehicle is running. The charging system is used to charge the storage battery when the vehicle is operating. Typical charging systems include a simple voltage regulator connected to the output of an alternator. The voltage regulator is used to set a voltage generated by the alternator which is applied to the battery. Car battery terminals typically comprise a conical contact section for mounting to a conical battery post terminal, and having a clamping mechanism for tightening the contact section to the battery terminal, the terminal further comprising a conductor connection section.

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