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Car alarm

Car alarms are designed to detect either attempted unauthorized intrusion of the protected vehicle or abnormal operation status of a car, and sound a warning upon said detection. Almost all motor vehicles produced today have warning systems for certain vehicle conditions. The alarm indication provided at the vehicle is important to the overall effectiveness of the security system. A typical automobile security system includes a central processor or controller connected to a plurality of vehicle sensors which may detect opening of the trunk, hood, doors, windows, and also movement of the car or within the car. Ultrasonic and microwave motion detectors, vibration sensors, sound discriminators, differential pressure sensors, and switches may be used as sensors. In addition, radar sensors may be used to monitor the area proximate the vehicle. The alarm indication may typically be a flashing of the lights and/or the sounding of the vehicle horn or a siren. In addition, the vehicle fuel supply and/or ignition power may be selectively disabled based upon an alarm condition. Vehicle intrusion alarms triggered when the vehicle is accidentally or intentionally moved, or a window or door from the vehicle is opened in an unauthorized manner. Car alarms typically include a remote control alarm controller that is carried by the vehicle owner and that is used to activate and deactivate the car alarm as needed. These remotely armed electronic alarms typically provide an audible "chirp" to indicate that the system has been properly armed or disarmed. The audible chirp is typically generated by the same siren or sound generating device that is used to create the primary alarm sound. After leaving from the vehicle, the vehicle owner can initiate the burglar alarm mode of the vehicle burglar alarm system, driving different sensors to detect different locations at the vehicle. Most of these remote transmitters are small enough to be carried in the vehicle owner's pocket, possibly attached to their key chain.

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