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Modem vehicles are typically equipped with several electronic systems such as, for example, a car audio system, car video system, an anti-theft system, a car navigation system, a car diagnosis system, a car backing supplementary system, a mobile phone communication system, and a central air-conditioning system. The car audio and video system may include an AM/FM radio, an MP3 player, a CD disc player and CD changer, an equalizer, an amplifier, several speakers, a TV tuner and a DVD player. Liquid crystal display (LCD) panels have replaced conventional cathode ray tubes (CRT) as video monitors. Cellular communication systems such as cell phones are commonplace and allow a person to transact telephone calls from his or her vehicle. Many vehicles are even equipped with a navigational system that incorporates a global positioning system (GPS) receiver. The car navigation system guides the driver through the optimum path from the present location to the destination specified by the driver while calculating the present location by global positioning system. Vehicle security systems are widely used to deter vehicle theft, prevent theft of valuables from a vehicle, deter vandalism, and to protect vehicle owners and occupants. A motor vehicle alarm system may comprise several sensors installed at different locations for detecting different changes of condition. The electrical charging system of a motor vehicle typically includes an alternator for generating AC currents, a rectifier to convert these AC currents into a DC current to support the electric loads in the vehicle, as well as to charge the battery.

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