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Power adapter

Power adapters are electrical bridging devices used for providing an interface between a power source and an appliance. Power adapters are needed because numerous electrical and electronic equipment that are in existence today can not operate with the AC line voltages (e.g., 120V and 240V) received directly from wall outlets. Some of the equipment require electrical power at a different AC voltage level, and some others require power input at various DC voltages. There are many types of electronic systems powered by AC to direct current (DC) adapters including, printers, scanners, liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors, personal computer (PC) speakers, digital subscriber line (DSL) modems, etc. There are also many types of portable electronic systems that may be powered by either internal batteries or AC adapters, such as cellular phones, digital cameras, compact disc (CD) players, and laptop computers. A power adapter generally comprises an insulating casing and a power transforming device disposed in the insulating casing. The power transforming device generally comprises a transformer and a PFC (power factor correction) choke, such that when the power transforming device is electrically connected to the power source, the power transforming device is arranged to convert an AC Power from the power source to a DC power for the appliance. In most instances, power adapters convert alternating current (AC) power from an AC power source, such as a wall outlet, into the direct current (DC) power that is used by electronic devices. The adapters are also typically separate devices that may be plugged into portable electronic devices as desired. AC power adapters convert AC voltage from a standard wall outlet to a DC voltage which is useable by an electronic device such as a calculator, portable stereo, video game, and so on. AC power adapters generally include a plug which plugs into a wall outlet, a transformer which steps the line voltage down, a rectifier circuit which rectifies the stepped-down AC voltage to a DC voltage, and a plug which plugs into an electronic device.

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