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Flexible flat cable

A flexible flat cable (FFC) is an electric wire composed of a plurality of conductors disposed parallel in the longitudinal direction, which are insulated and coated in an electrically independent state. Flat flexible cable may provide a structure including multiple conductive pathways and may be easily and reversibly bent and twisted in a narrow and crowded space. Various advantages may be provided by flat flexible cable as compared to other cable types. Flat cables have advantages including the elimination of the need to provide bundle wires and easy wiring due to high flexibility. The FFC is characterized by excellent flexibility, capability for being bent, and easy formation of multiple cores. By virtue of these advantageous, flat cables are utilized in internal wiring of electronic equipment such as personal computers and communication equipment. Flat cables are used in a large quantity at present in various electronic and electric devices and car-mounted devices such as personal computers, liquid crystal display units, game machines, cellular phones, printers and copy machines. A flexible flat cable has a conductive element, such as a copper foil which is covered by an insulation coating layer made, e.g. of a PET (polyethylene terephthalate). These cables are produced by extruding the plastics casing material simultaneously around all the conductors. Flat flexible cable may generally be provided as a laminated structure or an extruded structure. A flat cable connector connects a flat cable to an electrical device. An electrical connector for a flexible flat cable, i.e. a flexible printed circuit (FPC) connector, includes a dielectric housing with a plurality of terminals received therein. The housing has an elongate slot for receiving the flexible flat cable. An actuator is movably mounted on the housing for retaining the inserted cable in position and for biasing signal conductors of the cable against the terminals. The actuator is provided with side latches on opposite sides thereof for engaging with corresponding projections formed on the housing thereby securing the actuator to the housing.

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