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Electrical connectors are used to provide a separable path for electric current to flow between components of an electrical system. Electrical connectors are used to provide a separable path for electric current to flow between components of an electrical system. Nearly every electrical system has one or more electrical connectors that enable the establishment of electrical connections between various portions of the system. These electrical connectors may include male and female components that, when connected, may be configured to pass various types of electrical signals, including DC voltage potentials and AC voltage signals. To provide a reliable connection, conductors of the connector may be held against a mating surface by a contact force in a direction normal to the mating surface. A variety of electrical connectors are widely used for transmitting power and signals between electronic devices or electronic components of the electronic devices. Electrical connectors are widely used in personal computer systems to electrically connect a variety of electronic components, such as a printed circuit board (PCB) and an integrated circuit (IC) package. Such electrical connector includes an insulative housing defining a plurality of passageways therein and a plurality of contacts secured in the corresponding passageways, respectively. Each passageway includes a narrow fastening slot and a wide receiving slot in communication with each other. Each of the contacts electrically registers with a circuit pad on the PCB and a conductive pad on the IC package at two opposite ends thereof, and, therefore, establishes an electrical route between the conductive pad and the circuit pad. High-frequency connectors are indispensable components for communication products. An electrical connector for high frequency communication generally has a metal shield covered on the electrically insulative housing to protect the internal metal contact pins against EMI (Electromagnetic Interference). Shielded electrical connectors typically include some form of dielectric housing mounting one or more conductive terminals for engaging the terminalS of a complementary mating connector. Coaxial electrical connectors are used in a wide variety of applications for transmitting direct current. Such coaxial connectors include a center terminal and at least one auxiliary terminal spaced transversely or radially of the center terminal. Distal ends of the center terminal and the auxiliary terminal respectively mate with the positive and negative electrodes of a mating element.

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