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Card edge connector

A card edge connector electrically connects a card type circuit board which is of a printed circuit board having an array of conductive contact pads on one or both surfaces of its end portion to a printed circuit board of a variety of kinds of electronic devices. Card edge connectors are widely used in personal computers and other electronic equipments for electrical connection of printed circuit boards or other similar electronic components to a motherboard. Computers comprise a wide array of components mounted on printed circuit boards, such as daughter cards, backplane boards, motherboards, and the like which are interconnected to transfer power and data signals throughout the systems. A card edge connector is configured to receive a daughter board and provides electrical interconnection between the daughter board and the mother board to which the card edge connector is mounted. The card edge connector is to accommodate the electronic card so that conductive terminals in the card edge connector electrically connect with corresponding contact pads of the electronic card. Through the electrical connection of the conductive terminals and the motherboard, signals are transmitted between the electronic card and the motherboard. A card edge connector receives a printed circuit board (PCB) having a mating edge and a plurality of contact pads adjacent the edge. Such card edge connectors have an elongated base defining an elongate receptacle or slot for receiving the mating edge of the PCB and a pair of arms extending upwardly from opposite sides of the base. A typical card edge connector includes a dielectric housing having at least an elongate slot for receiving a daughter board and a plurality of passageways for receiving electrical contacts. The housing is mounted to a mother board with the terminal portions of the contacts being soldered to conductive areas of the mother board. The card edge connector extends between and couples the mother and daughter boards with a number of opposed electrical contacts.

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