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BNC connector

Various kinds of electrical connectors exist and have been used for decades to provide a removable electrical connection between various types of electrical components and devices. One such kind of removable electrical connector is known as a BNC or Bayonet Neil-Concelman connector. Bayonet Neill Concelman (BNC) coaxial connectors are commonly-used in the electronics industry for coupling low voltage signals to a measurement instrument, such as an oscilloscope. BNC connectors are typically used on electronic instruments where a 50 ohm transmission line, connected to a probe or other peripheral device, is required to be connected to the front panel of the instrument. In a typical BNC connection, a female portion of the connector is mounted to an electrical instrument and a male portion of the connector is connected to a cable. The BNC female connector has a female shell, or cylindrical shield, whose outer surface carries two opposing bayonet pins that engage respective spiral grooves and detents in a bayonet latch that is part of the male BNC connector. The pin of the male portion may connect into the socket of female portion and the housing of the male portion may be inserted into the housing of the female portion.

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