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Automotive connector

In electrical circuits used in automobiles, a power supply side and an electrical load side are connected via an automobile connector assembly consisting of male terminal connectors and female terminal connectors that mate with each other. Electrical connectors for use in motor vehicles and automobiles employ certain characteristics that differ form electrical connectors that are used for electronic devices. For example, electrical connectors that are employed with automotive wiring harnesses must be robust and reliable and must simplify installation. Connectors used for connections in electrical circuits in motor vehicles are required to have a high-degree of waterproof sealing performance as well as oil resistance. Oil-bleeding rubber materials are therefore used frequently as sealing rubber parts for these connectors, such as, e.g., packings and rubber plugs. In electrical systems for automotive vehicles it is common to have a pair of electrical connector halves which are mated together to electrically join two distinct wire harnesses. Automotive battery terminals typically comprise a conical contact section for mounting to a conical battery post terminal, and having a clamping mechanism for tightening the contact section to the battery terminal, the terminal further comprising a conductor connection section. Connectors, or plugs, have been available for some time which draw electricity from the cigarette lighter receptacle of an automobile. These plugs provide electricity for a wide variety of portable electrical devices, from rechargeable flashlights to laptop computers.

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