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Audio connector

Audio receptacle connectors have been widely employed in audio-visual products. Their primary function is to transmit audio signal between two systems. Audio socket connectors are broadly applied to radios, records, TVs and other electronic apparatus to transfer audio signals between two audio systems. In recent years, a wide variety of portable electrical products (e.g., mobile phones, PDA, MP3 players, laptop computers, etc.) are available. Thus, application of the audio receptacle connectors in these products becomes more important. The audio connector connects a jack of an earphone or a loud speaker to the circuit in the electronic appliance. The audio signal is transmitted from the circuit in the electronic appliance through the audio connector and the jack to the earphone or the loud speaker to generate sound. Audio connectors are installed in computers for being connected with a stereo. An audio connector (audio jack) is usually installed on a printed circuit board (PCB) which is fixed in a personal computer and a mating portion of the audio connector is exposed to exterior of the personal computer. Sound cards are add-on boards that are employed within a personal computer or related device to produce or process audio signals for enhancing sound quality, or for enabling sound capabilities, of the computer. Several connectors may be part of a sound card to provide digital or analog connections thereto. Such connectors include one or more microphone in connector, line in and line out connector, loudspeaker out connector, musical instrument digital interface (midi) port, joystick port, auxiliary in connector, telephone answering device in connector, digital out connector, optical or coaxial digital I/O card connector, headphone outs connector, and etc. Audio jack connectors commonly include a shielding for preventing noise interference from adversely affecting signal transmission. Normally, the connectors are covered with a metal shielding for suppressing noise and cooperating with a mating connector to form a grounding loop for guiding noise to ground during insertion or withdrawal of the mating connector.

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