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AC power connector

AC electrical power output equipment, including power supplies, power distributors and power controllers, are configured for providing electrical power to external electrical equipment, such as computers, printers and disc drives. To accomplish this, the AC electrical power output equipment has installed in the equipment enclosures one or more AC electrical outlet connectors into which can be plugged external AC electrical equipment. The power supply apparatus, such as an adapter, is widely used for rectifying and converting AC power into DC power. For adapting to AC cables with different specifications and sizes in various countries, an adapter usually includes an AC connector for electrically connecting with the AC cables. AC power connectors are of two different configurations, depending upon the country in which the equipment is used or marketed for use. AC connector assemblies are designed to industry standards depending on whether the AC connector assembly supports two wire power cords or three wire power cords. Two wire power cords do not have a ground wire, have a wall plug with two prongs, and have a two contact AC connector assembly. For safety reasons, AC adapters and AC connector assemblies are designed to operate only with either a two wire power cord or a three wire power cord and therefore have either a C5 connector assembly or a C7 connector assembly.

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