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Electrical cables and wires are used for power transmission or for signal transmission. Wire usually refers to a central electrical conductor surrounded by a layer of insulation, while cable generally refers to a central conductor surrounded by insulation, with a second conductor of foil or braid surrounding the first layer of insulation and a second layer of insulation surrounding the second conductor. Wire" and cable are often used interchangeably. Electrical cable is used for many applications, such as power cords, telephone lines, speaker cables, power lines and many other applications. For either power cables or signal transmission cables, two basic cable types are known: round and flat. Most electrical cable in use today uses cylindrical conductors which are round in cross-section. Electrical cables and particularly electric power cables for medium and high voltages are composed of a plurality of polymer layers extruded around the electric conductor. The electric conductor is usually coated first with an inner semiconducting layer followed by an insulating layer, then an outer semiconducting layer. Coaxial cables are used in a variety of applications including the delivery and distribution of television signals, electronic communications, distributed data networks, and etc. Coaxial cables comprise inner and outer conductors disposed in spaced concentric relationship with a nonconductive insulating material disposed uniformly therebetween. In the electrical and electronics industry, twisted electrical wires are often used to connect terminals of equipment. The advantages in using twisted wires include more compact wiring and the minimization of inductance effects between the wires. Electrical cable assemblies are used in a variety of applications and may extend from various panels, circuit boards or other electrical components. Electrical connectors are used in a wide variety of applications. Some connectors simply are used to transmit power from a power source to an appropriate appliance. Some electrical connectors are used to interconnect signal transmission lines to printed circuit boards. Generally, electrical connector assemblies include a pair of connectors or connector components mated or mounted together for running circuits through a connector interface. An electrical connector, which establishes electrical connection between a daughter card and a mother board, is commonly called a card edge connector.

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AC power connector AC power connector (0)

Audio connector Audio connector (1)

Audio/video cable Audio/video cable (4)

Automotive connector Automotive connector (0)

BNC connector BNC connector (1)

Booster cable Booster cable (0)

Braided cable Braided cable (0)

Cable assembly Cable assembly (3)

Cable connector Cable connector (3)

Cable gland Cable gland (0)

Cable management system Cable management system (0)

Cable marker Cable marker (1)

Cable reel Cable reel (0)

Cable tie Cable tie (1)

Cable tray Cable tray (0)

Card edge connector Card edge connector (0)

Category 5 cable Category 5 cable (2)

Category 6 cable Category 6 cable (2)

Circular connector Circular connector (0)

Coaxial cable Coaxial cable (0)

Coaxial connector Coaxial connector (1)

Computer cable Computer cable (0)

D-subminiature connector D-subminiature connector (1)

Data cable Data cable (0)

DIN connector DIN connector (0)

Electric cable Electric cable (0)

Electrical cable Electrical cable (0)

Electrical connector Electrical connector (1)

Electrical wire Electrical wire (0)

Electronic connector Electronic connector (2)

EMI/RFI shielded cable EMI/RFI shielded cable (0)

Flexible flat cable Flexible flat cable (0)

Gender changer Gender changer (0)

HDMI cable HDMI cable (1)

HDMI connector HDMI connector (0)

High temperature cable High temperature cable (0)

High voltage cable High voltage cable (0)

Ignition cable Ignition cable (2)

Jumper cable Jumper cable (0)

LAN cable LAN cable (1)

Litz wire Litz wire (0)

Memory card connector Memory card connector (0)

Mineral insulated cable Mineral insulated cable (0)

Multiconductor cable Multiconductor cable (0)

Multipair cable Multipair cable (0)

PCB connector PCB connector (0)

Plenum cable Plenum cable (0)

Power adapter Power adapter (0)

Power cable Power cable (1)

Power strip Power strip (0)

Ribbon cable Ribbon cable (0)

RJ11, RJ45 connector RJ11, RJ45 connector (0)

SATA cable SATA cable (1)

SATA connector SATA connector (0)

SCSI adapter SCSI adapter (0)

SCSI connector SCSI connector (0)

SMA connector SMA connector (1)

Telecommunications cable Telecommunications cable (0)

Terminal block Terminal block (0)

Triaxial cable Triaxial cable (0)

Twisted-pair cable Twisted-pair cable (0)

Underground cable Underground cable (0)

Underwater, submarine cable Underwater, submarine cable (0)

USB cable USB cable (1)

USB connector USB connector (1)

Wire duct Wire duct (0)

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